Please note that Church Services have been cancelled until further notice during this time that the state and federal health officials are recommending limiting large group meetings. Services will be conducted via Live Streaming and/or Teleconference. Please continue to follow our voice messaging system notifications for additional online worship and prayer resources (web, facebook, youtube and instagram channels) through this period. God bless.



Christ Glory International Ministries ('CGIM'), is a growing Bible based multi-cultural community Church with a global perspective.

Because of the close interaction among members and the local community, CGIM is often referred to as a “Family Church” with services consisting of practical and wholesome Biblical teachings, glorious worship and powerful prayer and prophetic ministrations that is sure to refresh and energize members and visitors alike.

The Founder and General Overseer of CGIM is Bishop Joseph A. Adedeji.
The top priority of CGIM is to impact the Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Welfare of all members from the greatest to the least without partiality.

The following programs makes this possible.

i. Building members character with practical Biblical teaching and prayers for healing and deliverance to provide quality of living.

ii. Getting everyone filled with the Holy Ghost and knowledgeable in the scriptures and doctrine.

iii. Baptize and disciple new converts/members. All must be prepared for the unannounced Rapture of the Universal Church of Christ.

iv. Continuous training for Leaders and Officers.

v. Counseling for troubled souls and those in failing relationships.

vi. Couple’s Fellowship including annual “Dinner & Dance”, annual Retreat/Day Cruise, and monthly date night.

vii. Organizing monthly wholesome programs for Singles called “Agape Connection”.

viii. Organizing an interactive educational program for kids during the week and holding a Children’s Sunday school and Worship Service.

ix. “Day out with Dad” initiated by the Men’s Ministry.

x. Summer Picnic for entire Church in early summer. A day of fun, food, sport, games and fellowship on the Church premises or at a local park.

xi. Weekly wellness exercise and nutritional program.

xii. Provide initial support for new members relocating from out of State or out of the Country, as needed.

xiii. Support for the elderly, widows and members with confirmed special needs.

xiv. Tour to Israel

Services are held on Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and when special programs are designated. Prayer sessions are held on Mondays's by the Church Leadership for all.

Our Community Outreach Programs include:

1. Bi-weekly Food Pantry catering to approximately 200 families twice a month.

2. Bi-annual Funfair, Clothes drive and Community Cookout (June and October).

3. Periodic Door-to- Door Evangelism (dependent on weather condition) and more