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Coming back Home

Prodigal Son Returns

Growing up as a Christian, I always came to church on Sundays, sang the songs and listened to the sermons. As I continued thorugh life, I found myself going through the motions instead of intentionally serving God. I stopped coming to church and continued goin throught the motions of life without God. One day, I was driving on the highway going about 80 mph and all of a sudden I lost control. I saw my life flash before my eyes as my vehicle began spinning. I was sure that this was the end, and that I would run into the metal divider, rumble strip. As I was moving my foot from the gas to the break then back to the gas, I felt something stop the car. I nearly crashed, and at that moment all I could do was cry and thank God for saving me. Although I left Him, He never stopped watching over me. Praise Him!


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